Church-planting begins by establishing relationships and sharing the love of Jesus with individuals who, in turn, reach out to others. As people gather together to study the Bible, pray and have fellowship together, churches begin. In addition to weekly worship services and Sunday school, all four churches offer midweek Bible Studies and weekly programs for youth and for ladies. Many other special programs help strengthen the churches.

With the prayer and financial support of many people four church buildings have been constructed for the four congregations.  Each congregation has their own Brazilian pastor.
Please pray for the pastors and ministries in Brazil!

Mighty Fortress Free Lutheran Church in Curitiba, PR, Brazil – Pastor Fernando Hunhofaf

Cajuru church

 Free Lutheran Church in Cajurú, Curitiba, PR, Brazil – Pastor Antomilton de Alencar


Free Lutheran Church in Bateias, Campo Largo, PR, Brazil – Pastors Fernando Hunhoff and  Joel Mendes

igreja Campo Largo

Free Lutheran Church in Campo Largo, PR, Brazil – Pastor Claudio Strub

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