January 2016 newsletter

Happy NewYear! We enjoyed wonderful times with U.S. family in November and December. It was a joy to take in Christmas concerts and have a white Christmas for a change! We also had a good meeting with the World Missions Committee in December. We want to share in this letter about some of the fun things we’ve done and let you know of our plans for the remainder of our furlough. Plus, a little glance at what’s happening in Brazil.

Abel Family reunion     Our family time at the ARC over Thanksgiving was all we dreamed it would be. After almost 16 years all seven Abel siblings were reunited with Mom and Dad. We had a total of 31 of us together; we still were missing 40! What special moments we shared reminiscing, singing, and praying together. 2016 marks 40 years since the Abel family cut an LP which has blessed many people through the years. We sang many of the same songs at our birthday program. We have a rich Christian heritage and are so thankful for John and Ruby and their selfless love and ministry all through the years

More Family Time     We had a great time when our daughter Christina and her little boy, Tommy, made a trip to the U.S. in December. Although we live so near each other in Brazil we often don’t have much time together there, so this was a treat! At Christmas all of Becky’s family was together at her parent’s home in Northfield, MN. Yes, we are making the most of these opportunities to be with our parents and siblings and children while we can. These are some of the blessings of furlough!

Supporters and Schedules     While we are in the U.S. we are constantly making contacts with our supporters. We have decided to visit only the supporting churches we were unable to visit in 2013. We have enjoyed a few days now and then at the Mission Home in Osceola, WI – a wonderful place to call “home” when we are in the U.S. The next-door neighbors, the Hills, (right) always welcome us royally and bless us in so many ways.